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Every year in the United States, influenza results in between 9.2 million and 60.8 million illnesses. In 2016 alone, there were over 25 million influenza cases. Of those who reported suffering from the flu, 11 million had a sick visit with a doctor. If you aren’t feeling well and think you may have the flu, call, make an appointment online, or walk into George M. Jayatilaka, MD Inc. in Long Beach, California.

Flu/Sick Visits Q & A

What is a flu/sick visit?

Whether you have a cough, stuffy nose, or headache, you may start thinking you have the flu. When your symptoms become unmanageable, a doctor at George M. Jayatilaka, MD Inc. can help diagnose the illness that has overtaken your immune system.

When should you go for a flu/sick visit?

It’s not always necessary to see a doctor the first time you cough or sneeze. During the first day or two, your immune system is on alert and working to fight off your illness. When symptoms become overwhelming, it’s time for a flu/sick visit at George M. Jayatilaka, MD Inc. Other indications include:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Yellow, green, or brown sputum
  • Sharp pain in your chest every time you take a deep breath
  • Bad earaches
  • Fever above 103 degrees
  • Lightheadedness or fainting

Those with chronic medical conditions including heart, lung, or kidney disease, as well as those who take medicines that suppress the immune system, shouldn’t wait that long to see Dr. Jayatilaka, Dr. Armosilla, or Dr. Devera at George M. Jayatilaka, MD Inc.

When it comes to your child, you should make a trip to the office when the following symptoms exist:

  • Fever or pain lasting more than two hours
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea lasting more than a day
  • Wheezing or shortness of breath
  • Bad headache
  • Unusual rash

What happens at a flu/sick visit?

When either you or your child see a doctor at George M. Jayatilaka, MD Inc., the sick visit begins with a height and weight check. They take your blood pressure and temperature, and a urine analysis helps rule out several illnesses. The doctor also performs an exam that includes:

Listening With a Stethoscope

The doctor pays attention to your heartbeat and the way your lungs sound.

Using an Otoscope

An otoscope lets your doctor get a good look at your ears, nose, and throat. The light helps spot problems, like fluid in your ear that often indicates an infection is present.

Feeling Around Your Stomach

By examining your midsection, the doctor gets a good feel for your intestines and liver to ensure your illness hasn't affected them.

If you feel sick, call, make an appointment online, or walk in today to George M. Jayatilaka, MD Inc. in Long Beach, California.