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More than 90% of American adults believe that an annual physical exam is essential, particularly when it includes their heart, lungs, abdomen, and reflexes. George M. Jayatilaka, MD Inc. in Long Beach, California provides comprehensive care for children, adults, and senior citizens. Call or make an appointment online today for wellness exams for the whole family.

Well Women/Men Care Exam Q & A

What is an adult wellness exam?

The doctors at George M. Jayatilaka, MD Inc. offer routine physical examinations to help ensure that you stay healthy. Also called physicals or wellness exams, these visits are a preventive step that helps you avoid future problems. So even if you feel fine, it’s still important to schedule a well-woman or well-man exam.

What happens at an adult wellness exam?

When you see a doctor at George M. Jayatilaka, MD Inc. for a physical exam, your body gets looked over to see how it’s performing. To do this, the doctor begins with a review of your medical history and checks your vital signs.

After checking your blood pressure, heart, and respiratory rates, the doctor looks and feels for any visual indications of health issues.

The physical part of the exam includes reviewing the exterior parts of your body. Special tools help George M. Jayatilaka, MD Inc.’s doctor listen to your heart and lungs, and look into your eyes, ears, nose, and throat.

Many well-women and well-men care exams include laboratory tests. The doctors at George M. Jayatilaka, MD Inc. often draw blood and send it to be analyzed for:

  • Blood plasma, which indicates issues in your kidneys, liver, blood chemistry, and immune system
  • Diabetes and thyroid screens
  • Lipid panel, or cholesterol test

For women who don’t regularly see a gynecologist, the doctor performs a breast exam, Pap smear, and pelvic exam to screen for cancer and other abnormalities. The doctors also perform mammograms for women between the ages of 45-74. Women over the age of 65 have bone density scans to screen for osteoporosis.

Men who visit George M. Jayatilaka, MD Inc. for a wellness exam are screened for prostate cancer and testicular abnormalities, depending on their age.

Why have an adult wellness exam?

Adult wellness exams enable you to:

  • Catch up on any missed vaccinations
  • Detect any serious conditions
  • Cement the doctor-patient relationship
  • Monitor chronic health issues

Based on test results, age, and personal health history, the physical exam is also an opportunity to discuss future prevention measures with your doctor.

The frequency of adult wellness exams depends on your health. If it’s time for a physical, call or make an appointment online today at George M. Jayatilaka, MD Inc.